About me


Hello world, I am Joseph. Welcome to my website.


I am a physics student at CSU Chico by day and a sound guy by night. Or sometime physics is a night thing and there are gigs in the day. I don’t discriminate. I am also a tutor, drummer, and sailor. Click around for my resumes and some of my work.


I have 3 research projects in progress right now, which means my portfolio is a bit out of date. As I make progress, I am less inclined to write about it and more excited to make more progress! I am working on Tube Man, designing a laser shutter driver for cold atoms, and including the bar modes into a model of this, along with being in school and tutoring.


I am looking forward to spending summer 2019 at UC Davis with the Tyson group. This is a very exciting position and I will have a clearer picture of my plans for graduate school after this summer.