I have been tutoring since Fall 2017 and I love it! Seeing “ah-ha” moments when working through a complicated concept is one of the most rewarding feelings. I have tutored high school physics, calculus and non-calculus based college intro physics, upper division college mechanics and electromagnetism, high school math, calculus I, II and III, and statistics. I have logged around 700 hours tutoring through CSU Chico’s¬†Student Learning Center,¬†100 hours tutoring in the Society of Physics Students study room, and another 200 hours of private tutoring. I have also taken a class on teaching methods to become an approved Learning Assistant at CSU Chico where I worked for 3 semesters. I am currently a teaching assistant for PHYS7A at UC Davis. I offer private tutoring for those interested. I charge $45/hour but am happy to work something out if you need help but have a tricky financial situation. Contact me for more info.


I am building up a collection of notes based on topics that I have found many students struggle with. Unfortunately they take a long time to write and it is a very short list (a list can have one entry!) There are more to come. Phasor diagrams/imaginary numbers are up next. Have a look!